Monsieur Philippe "en femme"

Louis XIV’s brother, Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, was dressed by his mother, Queen Anne, as a girl. It is said that she deliberately effeminized him to keep him from becoming a threat to his brother’s throne.



The Bastard Prince of Versailles

Louis de Bourbon, Count of Vermandois

In The Bastard Prince of Versailles, a factually based historical novel, a disowned gay prince struggles to redeem himself through heroism and self-sacrifice at war in 17th century France.

LOUIS DE BOURBON isn’t a real prince—even though his father...

Find my article in BBC History Magazine Revealed!

I'm so excited that my article on Marie Antoinette's demise will be published in "BBC History Magazine Revealed." The October issue will be at the newsstands on Sept. 1st. and I hope you will take a peek.

The Final Days of Marie Antoinette (pp. 48-52...